The content of this video can help you lose weight, look your best and feel great.

This video will help you get rid of toxic fat
that’s been sitting in your body once and for all*. *results may vary


This excess of toxins, combined with the crappy, processed
foods you may be eating every day is causing your metabolism
to stall, leaving you with excess weight, dull skin and no energy.

Even if you work out regularly and eat healthy meals, you may still struggle to lose the weight and get fitter and healthier.

That may be a combination of 2 things:

  • Your body cannot keep up with all the pollutants it is exposed to.
  • Your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs for optimum health.

Toxins that cannot be eliminated are wrapped in fat molecules and stored, to protect your organs from overexposure.

That’s right! Your fat may be a protective layer against the toxins already in your body. As long as your body remains overly toxic, it will be very hard to lose those layers of fat.

That toxic fat can eventually lead to more serious
conditions, most of them highly preventable.

THE SOLUTION: you must use Clean Foods to slowly get rid of toxins while at the same time replenishing it with the right nutrients!

The best way to start losing weight and keeping it off for years to come is to:

  • Eliminate processed “foods” from your diet and;
  • Consume unlimited amounts of nourishing, delicious foods that will cleanse and help you get rid of toxic fat.

That’s why I’ve developed a program that shows you:

  • What to eat
  • Why to eat that
  • How to eat it
  • When to eat it


Introducing the Clean Foods Diet Method. A method of
incorporating new, clean foods to your lifestyle
for easy, natural weight loss.

The Clean Foods Diet Method will help you:

  • Lose 3-5 pounds in the first week
  • Get rid of up to 10% of toxic fat in 4-5 weeks
  • Nourish your body to prevent life-threatening diseases
  • Look younger and sexier
  • Feel fabulous and happy

Keep the weight off for the rest of your life


You can also expect to:

nevercalories proteines cleandelicios
Never count calories again, ever! Learn what proteins, carbs and fats are best for toxic fat loss and for proper nourishment Eat real, clean delicious foods

“I eat what I thought were healthy foods, worked out regularly and drank lots of water. But as I got older I kept gaining weight, feeling sluggish and bloated all the time. After giving the program a try for a few weeks, I started to feel much better, became regular and started to lose weight even though I was eating more food than before. After 3 months I reached my weight goal and felt like my 20-year-old self again. ”

Carlos R.

“I’ve been a yo-yo dieter most of my adult life. I worked with Jovanka as a coach and later bought her Clean Foods Diet Method. This program has been the most effective weight loss program I have tried to date. I finally understand why I continue to gain weight after working hard to lose it. I finally understand what foods to eat to keep the weight off and feel great in the process. And more importantly, I never felt hungry and I actually enjoyed the foods I was allowed to eat.”

Michael S.

Here’s what you will get



“My favorite part of the CFDM program is the recipes. It gives you lots of options to try new ingredients and combinations to make dieting a fun and delicious process.”

Francis B.

“Jovanka is more than a wonderful coach and her program is far more than just a way to lose weight! Her approach of getting healthy and reducing toxins means that with every step, you are building habits that will ultimately make you feel better, not just look better. I lost weight yes, but more importantly, I felt better and found myself getting hooked on the new, far healthier habits I was developing. I’d recommend Jovanka and her programs to anyone tired of fad diets and fleeting results, Jovanka is the real deal.”

Nathalie M.

“I bought the Clean Foods Diet Method because I wanted to lose 10lbs and get my body ready for summer. I thought the program would be hard to follow or very restrictive but it isn’t. I can finally enjoy a nice salad or vegetable dish without feeling deprived or hungry soon after eating. I’m not only slimmer but tighter, all without changing my workout routine. This program totally works”

Darlne M.

But Wait! There’s more!

As a thank you for order this method program, you will get a couple of fantastic bonuses, designed to keep you motivated and inspired while you learn the best foods for your engine:


This entire package, including bonuses is a $680 value
But TODAY, it can be yours for a one-time price of $67
That’s 10 times the value that you will pay!

30-Day, Risk and Karmic-Friendly 100% Guarantee 30-daysBut my commitment to your weight loss success doesn’t end here. If you try the program, follow the meal plan, and used all of its components and yet for some reason, you do not lose weight, get stronger, look great and feel even better, I will give you your money back… And you can keep the program components absolutely free.

That’s right! I confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee, up to 30 days after the purchase date.

Try this breakthrough method for 30 days and I guarantee that you will start losing toxic fat, or your money back.

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